Vegan in NYC

I just got back from a great long weekend trip to NYC.  One of the highlights was definitely the food.  It seems like a great place to be vegan.  Here are some of the highlights:

Longans in Chinatown–these are sort of like Lychees, but tastier and without that annoying papery part next to the seed

Vegan Kebab (somewhere on the Lower East Side)–Authentic Afghani?  Maybe not, but it was spicy and tasy in a grilled wrap with veggies.

Song (Park Slope, Brooklyn)–really fantastic Thai food (and cheap!) with a nice atmosphere.  The flames shot a few feet above the woks in the open kitchen.  We had basil chili wide rice noodles and green curry.

Chinese in Flushing, Queens–Almost like being in China!  Some amazing steamed dumplings at a veg chinese restaurant, and a fried sesame ball.

Indian in Jackson Heights, Queens–A few subways stops away, fantastic Indian food at the Jackson Heights Diner.

Vegetarian Dim Sum–Chinatown, Manhattan–This was actually the name of the restaurant.  Fried banannas, dumpings, steamed buns, tofu rolls, potato balls.  Yum!

Imhotep (Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn)–The first vegetarian restaurant in Brooklyn.  It was more of a grocery store with a deli, but the Carribian rice, bbq ribs, tofu, pumpkin, and chicken-y stew (all on one plate) were amazing.

I also cooked up some black beans and rice with fresh thyme, fried plantains and yucca, jerk tofu, avocado and lime juice.  All in all, a great food weekend!

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