Why I’m vegan

To tell you the truth, most vegans bug me.  They tend to be self-righteous and obsessive.  I think in the long run these attitudes lead to fewer people adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet, or even choosing vegetarian meals a few times a week.  From the chicken’s perspective, it looks the same when one person eats vegan all the time as when two people do half the time.

I eat an all vegan diet, and have for 8 years (with an egg eating phase when I was travelling through SE Asia for a few months).  I do it because I think that the pain and suffering that animals go through to produce food aren’t worth it.  Certainly small scale animal production is less objectionable than industrial agriculture.  For me, though, it’s still not worth it. 

For others it is.  Whether their bodies don’t do well on a vegan diet, whether they can’t afford (in terms of money or energy) high-quality vegan food, or whether they spend their energy on something else they believe in, I don’t feel it’s my place to judge.  In other words, I think it’s morally preferable to eat a vegan diet (just as I believe it’s morally preferable to not drive a car, or to give away all your money to those in need), but I don’t expect myself or anyone else to always do what is morally preferable. 

So, I cook and share as much delicious, satisfying vegan food as possible.  I believe this influences how others eat, especially if I teach them how to make the recipes.   It would make it seem like an easier choice if they do decide to “become” vegetarian or vegan, but in any case it will lead to less animal consumption. 

I don’t think being vegan should be hard, or feel like a sacrifice.  There’s plenty of tasty food for me to enjoy, and this blog is an attempt to share that food with as many as possible.

6 Responses to Why I’m vegan

  1. Carol says:

    Hey Zeke
    I like your blog and am sharing it with other vegans in my life. I am looking forward to seeing you at my birthday where we will have lots of vegan cupcake toppings for vegan cupcakes- yum and fun! 🙂

  2. zeats says:

    Thanks so much! If you have any ideas for posts or challenges (make ____ vegan) let me know. I’m excited for those cupcakes!

  3. Dave W. says:

    Hi, Zeke.

    Very nice site. I was also impressed to read about your bike trip, as I love cycling! On May 24, 2008, we’re engaging in a fun way to share the joys of vegan eating with others. We’re hoping that individuals in several other cities will also host vegan waffle parties that day. It would be great to have a few people from the west coast, and I see you’ve already got at least one great recipe to use. Please see my site above for more details, and post a comment if you’re thinking about participating. Also, I’d appreciate feedback if you try any of my recipes. I agree with you that Earth Balance adds a great touch. 🙂

    Dave W.

  4. Lake Desire says:

    Hey Zeke! I’ve got two containers of tofutti cream cheese in my fridge that been there for a few months. Do you have any recipe suggestions? I’ve never made cream cheese frosting!

  5. set2music says:

    Hi Zeke –

    Thanks for posting your honest opinions about your choice to be a vegan; I am attempting it for the month, to see how I do and it’s been great to find blogs like yours that are proof positive that ‘normal’ people can be vegan – and I mean that as a compliment!


  6. Tiana says:

    This is perfect. Having to explain to people that I have turned into a vegan not a food fascist over and over is terrible. Thank you:)

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